Toolkit Contents

Module 1: Abortion Complications

Abortion Safety (from the EXPLAINED series)
Putting things in context; a 3-minute video
Hemorrhage – Part 1
Review the basics of post-abortion hemorrhage; an 18-minute module
Hemorrhage – Part 2
Review advanced management techniques; a 10-minute video
Review risk factors, signs/symptoms, and management; a 10-minute module
Review prevention and management strategies; a 12-minute module

Module 2: How to Manage Difficult Cases

Resources Already Exist to Help You
Learn where to find the answers to tough clinical problems; a 5-minute video
One Example of a Difficult Situation: The Ambivalent Patient
Learn from abortion counseling expert Alissa Perrucci; a 10-minute video

Module 3: An orientation checklist for new providers – what to be sure to ask about and understand starting day one

Download this document, modify it, and use it
Word Document | PDF Document
How to Get the Best Orientation Possible
Review of what the checklist contains and how to use it; a 5-minute video

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