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Part 1: Obtaining a Login

Several of the modules within this toolkit are hosted on the NAF (National Abortion Federation) Online Learning Platform.

To access these, you need a login for their website. We can help you quickly and easily obtain this login. Click on the option below that pertains to you for further instructions on obtaining a NAF username and password.

  • It costs $25 per year for students, residents, fellows, and other trainees to obtain a NAF membership, which gives you access to the full Learning Platform and other NAF resources.
  • If you are not a student, resident, or fellow, check out the NAF membership page to determine which category of membership is best for you.

  • Click here to download the writable PDF application, which you can electronically sign and submit.
    The application takes 3 minutes to complete.
    It asks for 3 references, whom NAF will contact. These references can be your residency program director, other faculty, people affiliated with MSFC, or other abortion clinic contacts who know you.

  • If you currently work at a NAF clinic, you can ask the “NAF Representative” for the organization (usually the Clinic Manager or Medical Director) to help you get access to the Online Learning Platform.

  • The NAF Representative should follow these steps to add you to the list of people with access to online learning:
    1. Log in to the Members-Only section of the NAF website,
    2. The top navigation bar has an Organization Info section. Hover over Organization Info and click Manage Organization Roster from the dropdown menu.
    3. If the person requesting a username is not already on the roster: Click Add New Staff to Site and follow the NAF prompts. Ensure the Access to Online Learning box is checked next to their name.
    4. If the requesting individual is already on the roster: Click Edit to the right of their name and ensure the Access to Online Learning box is checked next to their name

    Once the NAF Representative has added you to the roster, you will receive an email with directions on how to set up your NAF username and password.

You will be provided a survey to fill out. Once you fill out this survey, the research team will obtain your NAF username and password on your behalf.

Continue to Page 2 for directions on finding the modules within the NAF Online Learning Platform.