Resource Set 1: Technical skills and procedure management

Top Resources

NAF Online Learning platform

  • Self-paced online modules: Management of Pregnancy of Uncertain Location, Moderate Sedation for Abortion Care, Values Clarification: train the trainer
  • Webinars: Placental Localization, Ultrasound in Abortion Care
  • Resources: Abortion FAQs, Emergency Protocols, Infection Treatment Regimens, Medical Abortion Consent Form, Moderate Sedation Guidelines and Monitoring Form
  • Visit the Start Here page for information about how to access the NAF platform

TEACH (Training in Early Abortion for Comprehensive Healthcare)

Reproductive Health Access Project : Contains numerous patient education sheets about miscarriage, contraception, and abortion, in various languages and algorithms that are helpful for clinicians, such as how to triage a patient phone call about bleeding with medication abortion

Innovating Education in Reproductive Health : Contains comprehensive video courses on abortion, contraception, early pregnancy loss, and options counseling

Clinical Guidelines

Society of Family Planning Clinical Guidelines
Ipas Clinical Updates

Outpatient Emergencies

TEACH Emergency Simulation Workshop Guides (including shortness of breath, seizure, chest pain, patient visitor disruption)

University of New Mexico Managing Outpatient Emergencies Modules for Residents and Fellows


Bedsider : Contains information about different birth control methods, where to access birth control, and other informational blog posts and articles related to reproductive health

Innovating Education in Reproductive Health

Beyond The Pill IUD and Implant Course : A self-paced course about the IUD and implant that covers general information, counseling tactics, and ways to integrate IUD and implant use in a clinic setting

CDC Contraceptive Method Guidance (open access training): A training focused on improving provider knowledge around US MEC contraception guidelines

Patients with Substance Use Disorder

Clinician Consultation Center: Provides free and confidential clinician-to-clinician consultation regarding patients needing substance use evaluation and management

Training for Nurses

Reproductive Health in Nursing (RhN): Educational modules — formally for nurses and nursing students, but relevant to all — on best practices in reproductive health care, including options counseling and professional ethics, with sample cases to stimulate discussion and values clarification

General Skills Review

Some abortion clinics have RNs, NPs, or other allied health professionals on staff. Some abortion clinics rely on the physician to perform tasks like starting an IV or providing IM medications. Check with your clinic to determine if these are skills that you should brush up on.

Resource Set 2: Psychosocial aspects of abortion care and professionalism

Values Clarification Exercises

Trauma-Informed Care

  • Caring for women with a history of trauma : A 50-minute lecture by Carmen Landau, MD
  • NASMHPD (National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors): Contains resources about how to incorporate trauma-informed care in regular practice from the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors Center for Innovation in Trauma-Informed Approaches
  • Trauma Informed Care Project: Contains resources about trauma informed care services and best practices
  • Building Cultures of Care: A Guide for Sexual Assault Services Programs: A useful reference booklet in PDF form from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Reproductive Justice

Reproductive Justice 101: A webinar co-hosted by SisterSong and RHEDI

Protecting Patient Information

HIPAA Compliance

Resource Set 3: Guidance on incorporating abortion into future clinical practice

Creating a Clinician Corps (C3) is a program now part of the National Abortion Federation that works to expand abortion access by matching providers to clinics and health centers that need their services.

Planning for a Career that Integrates Abortion and Family Planning: A free iBook by Innovating Education in Reproductive Health that provides tools, tips, and strategies for residents who wish to integrate abortion and family planning into their future practice.

Office Practice Tools from TEACH

Resource Set 4: Understand state restrictions on abortion care

The Abortion Law Project: A project of the Center for Public Health Law Research in collaboration with the Guttmacher Institute, National Abortion Federation, Planned Parenthood, Center for Reproductive Rights, and others

Guttmacher Institute

NARAL Pro-Choice America